Mirjam Tamara is a Dutch singer-songwriter from the Northern part of the Netherlands. Singing and playing her own original songs, distributed trough Youtube, CDBaby, Bandcamp and of course available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

About Mirjam Tamara

At the early age of 9 years Mirjam started playing drums and continues to do so to this day. After having finished her high school (“Middelbare school”) she studied at the School of Arts in Groningen and graduated as a ‘singer-songwriter’ in 2017. Besides learning to play drums, she also learned to play keyboard and guitar. Recently she also started playing bass-guitar.

As of 2015 Mirjam is an independent musician and music teacher.


Recent releases are available at CDBaby, the back catalogue is available at SoundCloud and many other sites.



For information and bookings contact Mirjam at info@mirjambrinkman.nl

Please note!
At the moment I am not available for shows and concerts outside the Netherlands.